Magazine Worthy Wedding Flowers – The Truth

Recently I read a blog post on Wedding Aces linked here

in which the author, Holly, explained why many brides come out of a wedding floral consultation shellshocked regarding pricing. Our brides see lovely florals in magazines and on pinning boards, on blogs and wedding websites which are gorgeous, flawless and contain only the best Dutch or Asian imported flowers. Brides generally do not know where or how these flowers come in nor do they expect the tender care and skilled design work required to create such designs. The author sums it up in this one sentence, “Brides should remember that only the best of the best in design is published, and it probably had a nice price tag to match it.”

Even with us, at Simple Bouquets, for every bouquet photo you see online there are probably ten photos that didn’t have good enough lighting or didn’t have enough of the loveliest blooms in the shot, that did not make the cut. We don’t publish them. Sometimes we don’t publish a wedding at all if we feel that the design does not represent the quality of design work we like our brand to represent. Why do it at all? We do the work because first and foremost is our bride’s vision for her wedding. Just because we think other flowers would be better suited together doesn’t mean she always takes our advice. But that’s okay. We don’t need to be right or need to force anyone into our idea. At the same time her wedding may not be featured to represent one of the better styles that most brides would enjoy seeing.

But back to the topic at hand. When choosing wedding flowers always be mindful of what is in season (a topic for our next blog post), what is growing locally and what flowers are budget friendly, if you are trying to stay within a strict budget. Also be aware that the photos you find in a blog or a pinning board are the best of the best. You should expect to pay a premium, not only for the florals, but also for an extremely skilled designer or team. Your experienced florist has formed relationships with the most dependable suppliers in the industry. She has worked hard to procure premium florals at exactly the time you need them. She has prepared them, hydrated and processed them and refrigerated them at exactly the correct temperature for their variety. She has wired and taped and set into a bouquet or centerpiece with much care. She has worked long into the night and gotten up early in the morning to make sure you have precisely what you want. For all this you should expect to compensate her. You can price shop. You can compare services. But do be mindful that skill levels between florists are not all the same. Neither are the quality of flowers. Look into the florist’s portfolio, read online reviews and go to the studio. Meeting your vendor face to face and getting a sense for who she is can help you choose. Is she confident? Does she answer your questions honestly. Is she being upfront about her policies?  Will she give you a clear and concise contract? These things should help you choose a wedding flower vendor who is suited for your wedding perfectly.

Simple Bouquets has custom wedding services and Basic Packages which are listed on our website here

If you are on a very tight budget choose our Basic Package. You will be limited to a single flower variety and colour for all of your arrangements but they will be beautiful and your wedding full of colour! See an example of a Basic Package bouquet here:

Pretty bridesmaid bouquet created with beautiful hot pink roses and Tiffany blue luxury ribbon.

Pretty bridesmaid bouquet created with beautiful hot pink roses and Tiffany blue luxury ribbon.

But most brides have a Continue reading »

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Elsa & Andrew

We’re so excited to have booked Elsa and Andrew’s bright and beautiful, elegant wedding for the summer of next year! It’s going to be simply lovely. Welcome to the Simple Bouquets family!!!

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Let’s Tango!

Do you feel it? Do you LOVE it? Does it zappp you right out of those winter blues?

Or are you left wondering what to DO with it.

Let’s take a look at a fabulous website we found that helps.

And here is what they are showing for color combos of Tangerine Tango.

But the really REALLY fabulous thing about this site is how you can make your own color themes.

So what if you don’t see them here?
You can do what you want.
Be creative.
Be inspired.

Simple Bouquets Tangerine Tango wedding day tip:

Try MAC ‘s eye shadow in “Paradisco”. We’ve never found a pretty girl this DIDN’T look amazing on!

look fabulous on practically everyone!



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Booking Your Preferred Wedding Vendors

Booking Your Preferred Vendors


As we near the end of our wedding season and are contemplating next year’s vision we are cognizant of the future brides and grooms to come. We have met and had relationships this past year with some of the most delightful couples! We are blessed. Before we launch this blog’s topic we just want to say thank you. Thank you for making Simple Bouquets a well known name. Thank you for putting your trust in us. And most of all thank you for sharing your most special day with us. We cherish all those great memories! Because of your support we have gotten too big to be operating as a private studio. So we have opened a brand new retail space in the historic mill building, at:

Riverfront Place
322 W. Main Street
Tilton, NH

We hope you will stop by and say hello!

A while ago as we began to book weddings pretty steadily into 2012 we overheard a conversation between the director of a venue and a potential couple concerning their wedding date, as we were setting up a wedding. Apparently the couple had inquired about their date at which time they were told it was available at that particular venue. Now months later as they decided to book that date it was no longer available. It was a real problem for this couple as much of their planning had been done with the venue in mind.

We would like to urge you all, as you contemplate your chosen wedding vendors. If you have your heart set on a particular vendor, whether it be Simple Bouquets or any other vendor, please book your date with them as soon as you know. Otherwise your date may be taken by someone else before you get there. We have had this happen in our own business as well. Please remember that we have a very limited wedding season here in New Hampshire. That means the preferred dates fill up very quickly.  And if you prefer your wedding date chances are so do many other couples. There are only so many really good wedding vendors around. But there are also some pretty spectacular artists in their craft here, I can tell you from experience.

And please…if you choose Simple Bouquets and we are already booked, for your date,  I will happily refer you to some of the finest of my sister florists in New Hampshire. So please don’t be afraid to ask me for a recommendation. I will be happy to send you on to someone else who does beautiful work should we be already booked.

Book your date as soon as you can. Simple Bouquets has 12 weekends already booked for next season. We want to serve your wedding, too. But you have to make your appointment for your consultation now, to get your booking in before the holiday engagement rush.

Happy planning until next time!


Simple Bouquets
Senior Designer

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Crafting Your Own Event

As couples come to us for guidance we see a common thread we’re people feel a little stuck in their wedding planning. Crafting a theme or a feel for their event. Maybe you don’t already know that you want your even to be based around a bird or butterfly theme. Maybe you need some help in finding some continunity in your wedding so  that everything come together and it all fits.

Here are a few ways to get a good start.

1) Find a color you absolutely love. Now everything doesn’t have to be in that color (nor should it). But perhaps you should have shades of that color and a contrasting color to make that one pop! For instance you love deep rich purple. You can use that color and accent it with a contrasting color to show off the richness of the purple like tropical coral or lime green or even lemon yellow. Can you picture it?

2) Clip a scene. Find a photo in a magazine. It need not be (and shouldn’t, actually) anything wedding related. It could be a frosty winter sleigh ride scene or a cozy den with red and orange silk pillow and low tables on the floor. Anything that makes you think…Oooooh!!! I want to BE there! This might become your inspiration. Don’t think your vendors cannot work with what you’ve chosen because your professionals are creative and inspired to create new and challenging events. We love this!

3) Chose some adjectives. This is the fun part. Sit down with your fiancé and a thesaurus and make a list of at least twenty descriptive words that would describe your event. Tell what it would look like and feel like to your guests. When they leave your guests will say John and Mary’s wedding was so…….(fill in the blank). And don’t  just stop at “fun”. Everyone wants their event to be fun. That’s a given. But some other words might be….elegant…trendy…romantic….eclectic….classic….hospitable…..whimsical…casual….contemporary. You get the picture. Then build on those words. Once you have the words now everything you buy and order can be looked at with the most discerning eye. IS this really in the “trendy” style? Or does this have more of an “elegant” feel? If it doesn’t fit your style keep looking. Something else will!

photo by Rodeo & Co

4) Remember, it’s all in the details. Sometimes people will hire a professional and eliminate the need for half of the important things. Occassionally we find a couple that orders tons of flowers for the ceremony (bouquets, urn flowers, trellis, chairs, potted plants) and hardly any for the reception. We try to help them see the big picture from their guests viewpoint. They’ll come into the venue and see a sea of white tablecloths with white dinnerware and a white candle in the center of the table. What was warm and beautiful has turned clinical and stiff.  Where did all the color, beauty and warmth  go? What used to be a tropical wonderland 15 minutes ago has turned into a bland, boring scene. Awkward conversation begins over a stark table and this is how we want our reception? I don’t think that’s what we want. In your mind’s eye look around the room. Where do you see the details need to be? Guest tables, place card table, foyer/entrance, guestbook table, and very important but most often forgotten, the bar. There are two things people are looking


towards when they are seated…the bar and the food. You need to make sure those stations are attractive and welcoming.

5) A theme. Do you love birds, butterflies, boats, frogs, princesses, nests, birch, sea shells, zen gardens, red lanterns, forests, books, etc.? You can craft your wedding around a single theme. You can bring it into the flowers, the favors, the vows, the décor, the linens….all over. Just remember, sometimes less it more. You don’t want to do the same thing everywhere. Maybe if you love nests, for instance, two love birds as toppers would be suitable on your wedding cake. And maybe robin’s egg blue would be a great color for your table cloths. THEN you can use your bird’s nest favors. It all fits together. If you used nest tablecloths, nest topper and nest favors….well that’s too much.  Can you envision it?

photo by Boro Creative Imagery

I hope this blog has helped you begin thinking about your own wedding style and how to bring it all together. After all, not everyone needs or wants a wedding planner. You can do this! Trust your professionals to guide you and do your research before you buy. Make your lists and make sure you go nowhere without your trusty planning book.

Thanks for reading!


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