Claire & Tom

elegant & traditional

Wedding Details

Tom and Claire met at their job and became fast friends. Over time a deep abiding love developed and they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Their union took place in Manchester By The Sea, Massachusetts with a select group of loved ones attending. Family ties are very important to Claire and Tom so they wanted to make the most of their budget by incorporating aesthetic beauty and hospitality together to make their friends and family feel the love they had for all.

Bridesmaids wore simple matching black cocktail dresses which made Claire's choice of bright pink and red roses just burst with color.

Their historic church had rich antique pews, an antique pipe organ and a Revere bell for ringing in the steeple. After the ceremony Claire and Tom's officiant ushered the entire wedding party to the foyer where they joyfully watched Claire and Tom ring the bell sharing their joy with the whole town. A beautiful resounding chime echoed throughout Main Street.

As guests arrived at the reception site they experienced a bit of Claire's Scottish heritage and a bit of Tom's Irish heritage while the melodic sound of bagpipes filled the sea air. It was a dramatic expression of the two families being brought together. Guests sipped fine wines and watched as ocean breezes swept the sands across the beach of Gloucester. Many family members rejoiced for the opportunity to be together again.

The wedding cake was topped and surrounded by dozens of delicate red and pink flowers and crystal candle holders that reflected the flickering candlelight which romantically lit every corner of the room. Claire and Tom had decided on simple table decorations of crystal candlesticks with tall white candles and rose petals scattered over the tabletops. The contrast with the sold black napkins was absolutely stunning.

As Claire and Tom left their celebration they remembered their mothers whom had both passed away, by dividing Claire's 50 rose bouquet into two halves. They left one half on her mother's grave site and one half on his mothers in memorial to the ones who couldn't be with them that day.

Delicious roasted garlic and fresh baked bread with Mediterranean olive and vegetable trays served to entertain guests as they anticipated the delectable, succulent meal. The fine drink, the merriment, dancing and festivities still linger on in family conversation. The most important thing to Claire and Tom was to honor those who had come and be excellent hosts to their guests. And they certainly did.