Lindsay & Nathan

a seaside garden

Wedding Details

Nathaniel and Lindsay met in a night club in the Boston area, and both knew they were meant to be together from the very first date. It was practically love at first sight. Their dream was to have a big cozy party for their summer wedding. Family and friends came from far and wide including Florida, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Nanaimo. At their rehearsal dinner Lindsay dined while wearing her Nana's pearls as they celebrated the meeting of the two international families.

They married on a misty summer afternoon in the cool of dusk in a garden ceremony in Nahant, Massachusetts. Lindsay's maids each chose their own style of simple black cocktail dress to keep a sense of individuality and chic sophistication. Lush greenery surrounded their guests and made the beauty of the pink and fuchsia French hand-tied rose bouquets Lindsay chose just pop with festivity and vibrant color. Each maid and junior maid held a smaller version of her exact bouquet. Cool fuchsia, vibrant hot pink and warm baby pink roses worked together to adorn the garden as Nate and Lindsay took their vows.

Around Lindsay's neck hung a delicate chain with her grandfather's ring. This ring was especially symbolic for the bride as her grandfather had worn it as a symbol of love to his own bride before he passed away. The ring was designed with her birthstone embedded in it. Lindsay's lovely grandmother watched with pride as she shared with the family the honoring role she and her late husband played in this joyous union.

After the ceremony the wedding party ushered their guests into the dining room for a delicious meal and a huge celebratory party. We decorated the head table with the festive bouquets. Matching roses were used as a cake topper on the butter-cream cake making the simple design oh-so-stunning. Merriment and laughter went on into the wee hours echoing across still waters of Nahant Bay on that breezy New England eve as two families united in cultural diversity and most importantly in love.