Natalie & Don

beach casual

Wedding Details

Don and Natalie went to the same high school many years ago but never knew each other. They met online and hit it off instantly. Don lived in Texas and Natalie in Florida with her children. After many long flights and visits they decided to blend their families.

Their wedding was held on a bright sunny afternoon on beautiful Cocoa Beach, Florida where they had spent many happy teenage years. Friends and family came from all over the United States including New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas and Mississippi and all parts of Florida for these happy nuptials.

A meringue sun shone down on Don, Natalie and their six children as they exchanged their personally written vows to one  another. Ocean waves gently lapped the shore in front of them and a gentle breeze touched the delicate white phalaenopsis orchids of Natalie's bouquet. The bride wore a delicate Hawaiian designer moss green print on white  graduated hem dress and each maid wore specially designed moss green tea length dresses to match. The maids wore white crystal sequin thong sandals and carried a phalaenopsis orchid with Asian wrapped stems.

Don and his attendants wore Havana shirts, linen pants and leather thong sandals. Tropical Puka shell necklaces  topped off their beach attire.

Guests enjoyed the rhythmic sound of waves washing over the shore and the sight of tall pampas grass adorning the dunes. Don and Natalie's traditional Christian wedding was officiated by Natalie's pastor and long time family friend who had been a mentor and spiritual leader to her almost all of her life.

During the communion portion of the ceremony one of Natalie's children presented lovingly the antique teak serving tray we had decorated with white orchids carrying the communion wafers and wine. This was a particularly nostalgic moment for Natalie as her mother had left this family heirloom to her before she passed away when Natalie was a young girl. Now, at this time...on this very special day...Don and Natalie felt they were including her memory in their ceremony. This meant a great deal to Natalie's entire family. We were most happy to find a way to incorporate the orchid theme to make this dream come true for Don and Natalie.

Many happy moments and memories were had as guests Many happy moments and memories were had as guests met up at the reception also held on the beach in a breezy pavilion. Some guests had not seen each other for a long time and joyful tears were shed as affectionate embraces took place. A light fare and refreshments were served as guests mingled with one another resting on lawn chairs and padding comfortably through soft grass on bare feet.

The children played and danced together in anticipation of their new life to come as the married couple toasted a new beginning together with their loved ones.